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Results for Lödde Cup 2017

Below are all results from the competition shown by session.

Start 9.00

# Event Round Sponsor Results
1 100m Fjärilsim Damer Timed final Team Sportia center Syd Results
2 100m Fjärilsim Herrar Timed final ICA Maxi Stormarknad Results
3 100m Fjärilsim Fl 14-15 Timed final KKB Fastigheter Results
4 100m Fjärilsim Po 14-15 Timed final HEAD swimming Results
5 100m Ryggsim Damer Timed final Linnea&Basilika Results
6 100m Ryggsim Herrar Timed final Landgren of Sweden AB Results
7 100m Ryggsim Fl 14-15 Timed final JÅN Åkeri AB Results
8 100m Ryggsim Po 14-15 Timed final Apoteket Kronan Results
9 100m Bröstsim Damer Timed final Kävlinge Zoo Results
10 100m Bröstsim Herrar Timed final HEAD swimming Results
11 200m Frisim Damer Timed final Linnea&Basilika Results
12 200m Frisim Herrar Timed final Leif Ademar Results
13 100m Medley Damer Timed final Sparbanken Skåne Results
14 100m Medley Herrar Timed final Barsebäck Golf & Country Results

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