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Results for Älgadoppet 2019

Below are all results from the competition shown by session.

Pass 2

# Event Round Sponsor Results
12 25m Fjärilsim Damer Timed final Mekonomen Vänersborg Results
13 25m Fjärilsim Herrar Timed final Mio Möbler Results
14 25m Bröstsim Damer Timed final Målarboden Results
15 25m Bröstsim Herrar Timed final Nordfeldts Konditori Results
16 25m Ryggsim Damer Timed final Nya Skor Results
17 25m Ryggsim Herrar Timed final Pizzeria Viking Vargön Results
18 25m Frisim Damer Timed final Rör Anders Results
19 25m Frisim Herrar Timed final Hotell Swania Results
20 4X25m Frisim Mixed Timed final Stars and Stripes Results

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