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By event: Knattesimmet 2020

Below all events are listed by event. Click on the event to see seeded heatlists and results for this event.

# Event Sponsor StartlistResults
1 expand   50m Frisim/VU P9 Final   
2 expand   50m Frisim/VU F/T9 Final   
3 expand   50m Ryggsim/SU P11 Final   
4 expand   50m Ryggsim/SU F/T11 Final   
5 expand   100m Frisim/VU P13 Final   
6 expand   100m Frisim/VU F/T13 Final   
7 expand   50m Bröstsim/RU P9 Final   
8 expand   50m Bröstsim/RU F/T9 Final   
9 expand   100m Bröstsim/RU P11 Final   
10 expand   100m Bröstsim/RU F/T11 Final   
11 expand   200m Medley/SKU P13 Final   
12 expand   200m Medley/SKU F/T13 Final   
13 expand   4X50m Frisim/VUV P11 Final   
14 expand   4X50m Frisim/VUV F/T11 Final   
15 expand   100m Fjärilsim/PU P13 Final   
16 expand   100m Fjärilsim/PU F/T13 Final   
17 expand   100m Medley/SKU P11 Final   
18 expand   100m Medley/SKU F/T11 Final   
19 expand   50m Ryggsim/SU P9 Final   
20 expand   50m Ryggsim/SU F/T9 Final   
21 expand   100m Ryggsim/SU P13 Final   
22 expand   100m Ryggsim/SU F/T13 Final   
23 expand   100m Frisim/VU P11 Final   
24 expand   100m Frisim/VU F/T11 Final   
25 expand   4X100m Frisim/VUV P13 Final   
26 expand   4X100m Frisim/VUV F/T13 Final   

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