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Bergen Swim Festival 2022, AdO Arena


The BSF committee wishes to welcome all officials, participants, and support staff to Bergen Swim Festival 2022. We are looking forward to a great competition and we hope that you will have a pleasant, successful, and memorable stay in Bergen.

For further information, Visit: https://www.bsf.no/en for further information.

Meet office:
Thursday        March 31     14.00 --20.00 hrs
Friday             April 1           07.00 – end of competition
Saturday         April 2           07.00 – end of competition
Sunday           April 3           07.00 – end of competition
Meet Manager:
Christer Rotseth, +47 934 27 042

Team Leader meeting:

A team leader from each country/club and Norwegian club teams are requested to attend the team meeting to be held Thursday March 31, 20.00 in the AdO arena meeting room. There will be signs showing the way to the location.

Competition time:
Morning session 09.00
B-Finals 17.00 Friday/Saturday/Sunday
A-Finals 18.00 Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Opening ceremony        Friday at 1640

Warm up in the competition pool
Thursday March 31st - 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm

Friday to Sunday: A-flight: 7:00 am to 8:45 am  B-flight:: After A-flight is completed.

Finals: : Immediately after the completion of B-flight, and until 16.50

The diving pool will be open for warm up throughout the whole weekend.

IC Control LiveTiming

Dobrodošli to IC Control LiveTiming. Tu lahko spremljate plavalna tekmovanja v živo. Kliknite V ŽIVO in lahko spremljate rezultate v ŽIVO. Lahko spremljate vmesne čase in ostale informacije med tekmovanjem le 1-2 sekundi po obratu ali v cilju.

Po zaključeni disciplini, si lahko ogledate uradne rezultate discipline.

Na spletni strani lahko najdete arhiv preteklih tekmovanj in tudi prihajajoča tekmovanja na IC Control LiveTiming.

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Bergen Swim Festival 2022


Bergen Swim Festival, AdO Arena
Competition starts Friday 1 of april.
Morning session 09.00
B-Finals 17.00
A-Finals 18.00

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