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Results for Syysuinnit VIII

Below are all results from the competition shown by session.

Syysuinnit VIII

Results - Para Swimmers
Syysuinnit VIII
Place: Aalto Alvari Organizer: Swimming Jyväskylä
Pool: 25m Competition Date: syys 19, 2020 to syys 19, 2020
Event 3, 50m Vapaauinti Naiset Erit. - Final
Rank Name Born Team R.T. WPS Time Diff
- Inka-Johanna Kolhinoja 1981 Helsingfors Simsällskap 0.92 1:00.76 S14
Event official at: 19.9.2020 11:34:10
2020-09-19 11:47:51 Datahandling: WinGrodan 2.6 Licensed to: Swimming Jyväskylä

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